Cakes for Women
Just a few of our designs , Check out our Facebook page for hundreds  more
A special cake for a special birthday. This 2 tier cake features a rose gold bottom tier and large rose gold age numbers. The top tier is double depth  in a complementing soft pink . All tied up in a fondant soft bow
Pastel mint and soft pink compliment each other beautifully in this 2 tier cake. Each tier is double depth which shows off the bunting and rosette perfectly. The top if finished off in a soft fondant bow
who wouldn't like a  little something from Chanel on their birthday . This stylish monochrome cake is accented with a beautiful pink rose. The top tier is double depth and has a black and white stripe design with fondant bow while the bottom tier sports the classic Chanel logo.
This is a cake to make you just drool. A giant chocolate fudge cup cake. Yumm
Perfect for the hairdresser in your life. This 2 tier cake has fondant straighteners, scissors and hairdryer 
This parcel style cake is perfect for every age. The cake is wrapped in stars while the sugar numbers meet at the bow. A spray of coordinating starts shoot up behind the numbers to celebrate the birthday
This bag and shoe are perfect for the fashionista in your life. Can be made with any designer but in this case the recipient loves Louis Vitton 
Designer bag and dog
Large Michael Kors bag, Can be made in any colour
Most girls love MAC make up. This cake celebrates that love. the cake has pin and white candy stripes and is surrounded by eye-shadow pallets, blushers, lipstick and nail polish all made from fondant.. the gift bag is made from krispie cake and is covered in fondant
for the princess in your life. This gorgeous cake is 2 tiers of cakey goodness. trimmed with gold rope around the bottom of both tiers . The top tier has a magnificent sugar crown on top while the sides are quilted with little numbers. The bottom tier has elegant scrolls
Perfect for the girl who likes to p;arty. The bottom tier is a stunning light sapphire blue with sparking ribbon and brooch, The top tier is quilted with sugar balls and a masquerade ball mask tops it off.
Designer shoe and box. The shoe is beautifully handcrafted from sugar  and can be kept as a keepsake. The box is our delicious cake with buttercream and jam and surrounded by hand made sugar roses
Giant cupcake with handcrafted sugar flowers. The attention to detail on this cake is amazing. The centre of every flower has a cluster of silver sugar balls. The cake is topped off with a diamante number
2 tier MAC makeup cake. 
When you just love the show and you have to have your cake to celebrate it
They say that life is better in flip flops. This cake celebrates that fact. Perfect for you beach bunny who cant wait to go on theri next holiday
There is a simple elegance to this cake. Beautifully piped lines of icing meet at the centre where little blossoms sit beneath sugar number and a flower spray.
This 2 tier cake is adorned with hundreds of hand make fondant ruffles which support a smooth second tier with name plaque. Just beautiful
We all know someone who just loves kicking back on their favourite chair , putting their feet up and have a glass of their favourite tipple
when your lady wants a cake of her favourite movie . In this case Ice Age
When the only thing better than a box of Maltesers is a cake made into a box of Maltesers
A cake made to look like your pets face. This gorgeous little dog is ready to celebrate a special birthday
Beautiful  depth and a half cake in stunning turquoise blue decorated with sugar flowers
Designer shoe and box. The shoe is beautifully handcrafted from sugar and can be kept as a keepsake. The box is our delicious cake with buttercream and jam and surrounded by hand made sugar roses
Lovely Radley bag and purse. Can be made in any colour to mach her favourite bag
hexagonal chocolate box filled with Ferraro Roche ( or your favourite chocolates) and finished with sugar roses
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